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External INK TANKs for my printer. A plea to Manufacturers!

canon ink

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You know, most people give this old man credit for doing what I do. Most of you would not even tackle a project like this. I NEVER ever saw this kind of setup anywhere. Im not trying to patent it or sell it. I simply want Printer Manufacturers to lower the price of ink like KODAK did. And I did it also just to see if I could! Telling me someone else is making these is like telling Ford that someone else is making Cars! Come on folks, where is your ingenuity? This was an idea of mine that I have been thinking about for years. I never saw anything like this before anywhere! In my mind it was a new idea. The pump design is also totally unique. So stop being so judgmental! (as many of you YT cops like to point out so you can sound intelligent by telling me others make them already) I don't care about the others, I just want Printer Ink cheaper! Be that as it may, I spend lots of time in computer shops since computers were invented and never saw or heard about these or anything like them. I'm not claiming to invented them, I'm claiming my own design which is unique with the pump. I guess there is one made in the Philippines. All due respect, but I haven't been to the Philippine Islands since 1976, and there were no PC's then or inkjet printers back then either. The price of a Gallon of Black Printer ink is over $2700.00! Visit to see the prices of 47 items per gallon. I've tried refilling cartridges, mostly unsuccessfully and messy. I have also...

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