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HP920XL ink cartridge refill explanation - PART B

refill ink

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PART B - Secondary explanation to refill an HP920XL (HP920, HP564) cartridge. I have tried so many other methods that I saw on the web and that I received from the manufacturer - I think they were all wrong. Have a watch of my video and let me know if it works out for you. I'm pretty sure this is the best solution. The 920XL cartridge is for the HP7000 A3 printer. If my advice helps you like nothing else you've tried before, then consider sending me a small donation for the time&effort i put into devising this simple solution - Donate via paypal to click here to jump securely to paypal: You may know it as: - Saunders UHU Tac Removable Adhesive Putty - 3M Scotch Removeable Adhesive Putty - DAP® BLUESTIK™ Reusable Adhesive Putty - Elmer's-Tack Removable Adhesive Putty (aka Elmer's Poster Tack) - DUCK Poster Putty - Sticky Putty - Sticky Tack - Velcro Sticky Fix Tak I hope this helps. Regards Paul

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